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"88.7 KWDM The Point,"is a modern rock high school radio station serving the Des Moines, Iowa area on 88.7 FM.The radio station's studio is located at Valley High School in West Des Moines.It is owned and operated by the West Des Moines Community School District, and operated by the students.

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KWDM rumble in the metaphoric jungle

basket-brawl slam jam alakazam '014

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       The inagurual KWDM rumble in the metaphoric jungle basket-brawl slam jam alakazam '014 exhibition game was a sucess! As the 887ers took on the mighty girls varsity basketball team who went 21-2 on the season much fun was had in the field house as both parties did what they set out to do. As the game began the 887ers quickly realized that they were simply out matched aganist the girls team (plus four varsity boys players), so the first of two games was very forgettable as the girls asserted their dominance on the offensive end. So at the end of the first half the girls were sitting pretty with a twenty point lead but then following a missed full court shot by Ast. to the Station Manger Jacob White the fire alarm sounded and both teams and the crowd were required to evacuate into the cold wind awaiting outside. For the players it was a much needed breath of fresh air as it seemed to wake up the 887ers and give them the drive and gameplan then needed in the second half. But, as it turned into the 887ers caught a break once back from the half, the girls offered to start a new game. Team captains, Taylor Mankle and Ben Swanson instantly agreed and a new game started. Driving down the court with a seemingly clean slate the 887ers took it right to the rim on the first play and got their first lead of the night, from then on they didnt lose that gameplan taking it to the paint hard with Mankle and Swanson low in the post ending with a double doubles for both (14 pts, 13 rebs and 19 pts, 10 rebs respectively) the 887ers never lost that lead. Even with a strong push in the last five minutes by the varsity boys and girls was not enough as the radio staff stormed the court in celebration of a cinderella story of the ages. Not only that but the station made $91 from the exhintion and had fun in the making.